Zareh Sinanyan Running for Re-election

Zareh Sinanyan Running for Re-election

Dear friends,

For the last four years I had the privilege to serve as your representative on Glendale City Council.  Now, I seek your support and votes for another 4-year term.

Through the last four years I stayed true to my 2013 campaign promises and fought hard for a more effective, transparent and accessible government, and promoted policies that improved the quality of life in Glendale.  I listened to your thoughts and concerns and made sure they form the basis of my decision making process in City Hall.

As a result, the days when government contracts could be approved without being subjected to scrutiny are long gone.   I have led efforts to ensure traffic safety, smart business development and simplifying city permit processes.  Due to my efforts and advocacy Glendale’s economy has experienced robust economic growth and significant investments.

While creating jobs, I have championed affordable housing and ensured that the interests of all segments of our population are fairly addressed.  When I was Mayor, Glendale received an unprecedented number of Section 8 Housing Vouchers and several affordable housing projects were approved/completed.

However, much remains to be done in Glendale.  Many of my undertakings will require additional time to complete.  It is for this reason that I decided to run for a second 4-year term. I will continue to fight for a Glendale where my children and yours can grow up in a city with safe neighborhoods, beautiful parks, a prosperous economy, thriving downtown, and modern and green mass transit to connect us all and to the region.  When we come together we can make great things happen for our city.  I hope you will trust me to keep fighting for you and being the voice of reason in City Hall.


Zareh Sinanyan