Zareh's Track Record

Transparency: Prior to Zareh’s tenure on council, the city’s Consent Calendar was not debated at all. Thousands of Multi-million dollar items were fast-tracked and approved without so much as a discussion on council. After taking his place on the dais, Zareh has made a habit of pulling large items into debate. He did this with such frequency that now the practice is commonplace.  Zareh’s leadership ensured not one large item is placed on the consent calendar; they are all debated. Not only does this practice promote transparency on projects that are approved in the city, it sends a message to powerful business interests that they cannot act without impunity in the city of Glendale!


Accountability: Zareh revived the long forgotten practice of hosting “City Council in Your Neighborhood” in different parts of the city. Once every three months “City Council in Your Neighborhood” takes the council meeting to different parts of our geographically vast city. This brings Council to the residents allowing locals the opportunity to engage in their city’s affairs, without making the lengthy trek to City Hall. Councilmember Sinanyan understood residents know what’s best for their community. Instead of feeling disenfranchised like before, now citizens have the opportunity to express concerns to their council. Thanks to Zareh, this forgotten practice is tradition once more.


Vision: Zareh launched the Glendale Tech Initiative to foster a business friendly environment for tech companies. The Third Industrial Revolution is approaching at an ever increasing rate in the form of digitization and automation. Technological development has always eliminated and replaced existing jobs. Councilmember Sinanyan didn’t want Glendale being left in the dust in this rapidly evolving field. The Glendale Tech Initiative targets tech businesses and seeks ways to attract them to Glendale. Due to Zareh’s foresight, the City of Glendale is positioning itself to ease the transition into the ever-evolving Tech world.