Meet Zareh

Meet Zareh

After serving Glendale for the past four years as councilmember and mayor, Councilman Zareh Sinanyan has decided to run for reelection in April. Mr. Sinanyan’s first City Council victory came in 2013 in a hotly contested race. After his victory, Zareh has maintained, even though Glendale is a great city, there is much room for improvement. While in office, Zareh fought to provide transparency for all residents, and sought to nurture a business friendly environment. Although, it is important to attract large businesses to Glendale, Mr. Sinanyan believes the City Council must foster an environment which will allow our own residents to grow their businesses locally instead of moving them abroad.

Zareh grew up in Burbank, and in 1997 received his Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and History from UCLA. He then received his JD from USC Law School. Zareh has practiced civil litigation since 2001 and currently works out of his firm, the Law Offices of Zareh J. Sinanyan, in downtown Glendale. While still in school, Zareh had a passion for public service, participating in student government as well as clubs on campus.

Aside from his academic accolades, the councilmember has been one of the most qualified candidates to run for the office. He has served on three city agencies including as a member of the city’s Parks, Recreation, and Community Service’s Commission, Chair of the Community Development Block Grant Advisory Committee (CDBG), Commissioner of the CDBG, and most recently, Chair of the Housing Authority. Zareh was also unanimously appointed Mayor just one year after taking office.

Additionally, as a councilmember, Zareh served as the Vice-Chair of the Eco-Rapid Transit Authority and as Secretary of the Burbank/Glendale/Pasadena Airport Authority. Both positions seek to integrate Glendale in regional advanced transit projects in order to boost the city’s economic growth while providing safe and user-friendly transit services.

Councilman Sinanyan’s vision, while broad, has been pragmatic. He believes a city is an organism, every aspect of which must work harmoniously to be considered healthy. A measurement of any city’s health can be gauged by the strength of its school district. As a father of four children, Mr. Sinanyan believes much like a bank, a school is where we deposit our greatest assets, our children. Therefore, as the place where our children spend so much of their time, he believes we have an obligation to provide the best institutions to serve their needs.

Long before pursuing elected office, Mr. Sinanyan has championed the need for green and open spaces. Understanding that these spaces are vital to the health of any city, as a member of Glendale’s Parks, Recreation, and Community Service’s Commission, Mr. Sinanyan oversaw the upgrading and opening of new parks all across Glendale.

After winning a very difficult race in 2013, Zareh stayed true to his promise of pursuing the interests of the City of Glendale while not becoming a complacent politician. If elected again in April, Councilmember  Zareh Sinanyan will continue the hard work of improving the lives of Glendale’s very diverse population, one pragmatic step at a time.

Zareh and his wife Lori have been married for over 18 years. They are proud parents of Anahit, Mher, Aram and Areg, all of whom attend Keppel Elementary.