Balanced Quality Housing

With the dramatic increase in the cost of living in Glendale, we must create and secure affordable housing units. Rent is going through the roof and the most vulnerable members of our city are facing the risk of being pushed out. We must ensure no resident lives with apprehension of leaving the city they love. I became the first elected official in Glendale’s history to use my tenure as mayor to go to Washington and secure 165 additional vouchers for affordable housing. I will continue to work with my colleagues at the State and local level to provide balanced quality housing in Glendale to try and alleviate the effects of the housing crises in Los Angeles.

Modern Transit

Glendale currently has no advanced modern transit. Due to a lack of preparation and planning many years ago, today we are isolated from regional mass-transit projects. We cannot allow ourselves to make the same mistakes of yesterday. I am ready to plan and integrate Glendale into regional advanced transit projects today. As Vice-Chair of the Eco-Rapid Transit Authority and as Secretary of the Burbank/Glendale/Pasadena Airport Authority, I know the importance of implicating these projects now.  These projects will boost the city’s economic growth while providing safe and user-friendly transit services. If re-elected, it is my goal to begin the revival of the electric cable line that used to run in Glendale and whose track already exists on Glenoaks and Brand Boulevard.